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Easy Soutache and Pellet Bead Bracelet Tutorial

Preciosa Ornela pellet beads are perhaps off putting to some beaders. Their drum-like shapes requires some creative thinking.  The best approach is to take advantage of their narrow waists. You can see some of my designs using pellet beads here and here (blue earrings).

One good tip is to show off their outer flat sides like they were round discs. This easy soutache and pellet bead bracelet tutorial by one of Preciosa-Ornela's designers is a wonderful example. The tutorial link to their site is a dead one but the instructions I linked to are on the Fire Mountain Gems site.

Also great start to soutache if you are not familiar with it.

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  1. What an interesting design!

    I have a type of pellet bead ( and I never knew they were called that BTW) .. But mine have rhinestones on each end....

    This design has made me rethink how to use them....

  2. Wow! I'm just simply amazed with how this easy soutache and pellet bead bracelet made. Other people use normal techniques in producing bead bracelet jewelry but this special technique make the whole thing more exceptional and exotic. Well, I think this is the best thing about a bead bracelet, it can be made in a wide array of styles, designs, and materials. This actually made beads more interesting for me. They say bracelet made of beads in Hong Kong is quite plain but I beg to disagree, there is nothing plain about a bead bracelet. They are so customizable and unique as to make outstanding fashion statements. I think this look good in any style, so elegant and stunning.


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