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There are a fair number of people who do not have pierced ears.  Fear of getting them done, perhaps? But no matter the reason, it doesn't mean they need to  forgo wearing earrings. There are always clipons but these may not be comfortable for long periods of time.  The alternative is ear cuffs.

I really love these small ear cuffs in the tutorial by Paola Fresc over on Cut Out and Keep. These are very easy to make.

Even if you HAVE pierced ears, these little numbers will let you add on extra jewelry without any more holes!

Did you know the bit of cartilage the gold ear cuff is on is called the tragus?  There are actually nine possible places to pierce your ears!

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  1. I used to wear ear cuffs all the time - just because they were funky!

    I've met so many people who can't wear earrings because they are allergic to metal and have let their holes grow in because of it.

    Ear cuffs certainly get around that problem so nicely!

    This is a cute an easy tutorial....and could easily be embellished with chains if one wanted to along with beads etc.....good idea!!

    1. That's the top reason why people go with ear cuffs! The allergy is particularly worse if the metal goes through ear holes. But sitting onto of the ear very often works as an alternative.


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