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Beaded Swarvoski Pearl Bracelet Tutorial

South Sea pearls are horribly expensive to incorporate into jewelry designs.  Fortunately, there are the Swarovski Tahitian versions which are much easier on the pocket.  This beautiful beaded Swarovski pearl bracelet tutorial by Svetlana McDaniel has undulating lines and features the said beads in a large and not to be missed size!

The tutorial is in Russian but the designer has kindly added the crucial English subtitles here and there as well as diagrams. So it is easy enough to follow.

This design is to be worn for special outings, don't you think? (Update : Alas the video is no longer available - my apologies)

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  1. hi there, love your blog but just wanted to tell you this video no longer exists!!
    love and light

  2. Do you know the name of the artist????? The video as u know doesnt exist and would love to see the work of the artist......beautiful!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for letting me know. My apologies. Alas, I had not realized the designer pulled the video very recently. I hope the picture will at least inspire you.

  4. It's a lovely design - and could be incorporated many different ways.

    Pearl - you know I don't have time to learn this type of beading!! :0)

  5. Disappointed that absolutely no instructions exist. Where can we find the original site?

    1. I think she now sells it on her Etsy - I did ask and tell her a while ago that I was going to feature it. So I am disappointed it was pulled from YouTube before my post came out.


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