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Stunning Sculptural Peyote Necklace Tutorial

Austrian beader, Uli observed something interesting about flat peyote when different sized beads were used in bracelet designs.  The bracelets then bulged out in the center.  So she figured out how to take advantage of the effect for her stunning sculptural peyote necklace tutorial over on her blog, Not Without My Beads. The Download button to get to her PDF sharing site is towards the bottom. And yes it works.  (My apologies for yesterday's lost video link - I had not realized the designer deleted from Youtube the day before)

Please note the tutorial consists of a color coded chart to help with the different sizes of beads.  It does not include the instructions for the clasp which Uli accomplished with a peyote bezel gemstone cabochon and herringbone stitch.  So this tutorial is best for intermediate and advanced beaders.

Uli uses Fireline D.  If you normally buy Fireline from fishing shops like I do and are unfamiliar with Fireline "D" is - it is the 6 lb version!

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  1. Wow! That's a stunning necklace!!

  2. Nice blog. Thank you for sharing this tutorial with us. Okay, I have this jewelry making hobby and this is something I would like to spend the rest of my life LOL, only if I could! Oh, I suddenly remember my grandmother used to tell me stories about ancient people. She used to say that jewelries do not only showed the exquisiteness of an individual, but also gave you idea about the status, wealth, power and riches of the people owning them. Maybe this is the reason why people in Hong Kong are cautious when it comes to jewelries they are going to wear. It gives them an elevated status and basked them into the celebrity touch.


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