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Rosalie McMillan Makes Jewelry from Recycled Coffee Grounds!

So many of us cannot start our day without coffee.  That cup of java is a vital pick-me-upper.  But did you know it can be recycled into jewelry?  UK metal smith Rosalie McMillan  shows how something we view as fit for only the compost heap can be turned into something beautiful.  Her handmade Java Ore collection is made with gold vermeil, recycled or fair trade sterling silver combined with Çurface, a beautiful unusual material derived from recycled coffee grounds.

Rosalie has a passion for sustainability.  As you can see her designs are geometric, angular and ultra modern.  She said her "focus is on creating inspirational luxury pieces through reinventing beautiful overlooked materials like coffee grounds, transforming them into striking contemporary pieces of quality and craftsmanship that will intrigue and delight."

Being in the UK was an advantage as she was able to connect with Reworked, a British non profit industrial design and product manufacturing company that invests in green technology and social enterprise.  Their Çurface product is made from compressed recycled coffee grounds and post-consumer polystyrene cups. It is typically used as a surface material like a counter top or in furniture.

She also donates 10% of profits to Coffee Kids (organization helps the children of coffee farmers)


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  1. These are gorgeous pieces! I love the recycled aspect, when mixed with great design they become fabulous. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Very interesting choice of material - creation of a non edible material from a post edible one

  3. What a fantastic idea!! I went to the links and read that the furniture smells like coffee for the first couple of weeks. How fantastic is that! All you would need to do is slightly nuke a cinnamon bun and you would think you were in a cafe all the time!

    Beautiful stunning jewelry! And her model is simply gorgeous!

    Have shared this everywhere my friend!

  4. FinAlly a use for coffee says a dedicated tea drinker. Seriously though, the jewelry is stunning.

    1. I am a tea drinker too but I do enjoy the smell of coffee! Maybe someone will come up with a way to recycle tea leaves!

    2. I'm vending at a show in Cobourg this week. The booth beside me sells flavoured shortbread cookings and I overheard one of them telling a customer they could use their favourite tea in the cookies. Just grind the leaves down finer so that there are no bigger lumps left.

      It sounded interesting


  5. The best type of recycling - the origin of the recycled product is impossible to recognize and the final product looks like a (semi) precious stone!


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