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How to Wind Cord, Thread or Make Tassels for Jewelry Making the Easy Way

My mother loves to bead but Fireline is expensive where she is.  So I bought her some from a local fishing shop (Kingsway Fishing Tackle, Guelph). They sell Fireline in 100 m lots for a lot cheaper than if you bought it in a store and definitely far less than from a jewelry supplier.   The problem is, I have to mail it to her, preferably as flat as possible in an envelope and not on a spool.

The tackle shop had wound both the black and crystal Fireline on two sides of the same big reel.  So I had to transfer 400 m of the stuff to some cardboard, preferably before I grew more grey hair.  I rigged up my wire coiler with a mandrel that I stuck into a piece of corrugated cardboard.

I also created a makeshift reel holder in a few seconds flat by placing the reel on a car exhaust pipe fitting (I use it as a bracelet mandrel) with a wooden dowel. Viola!  The Fireline was rewound in next to no time as I could crank the coiler handle very fast.

It didn't occur to me that a) one could use this tip to make tassels - different widths of cardboard would be necessary b) there was actually a little gizmo for exactly that task until my friend Aims happened to send me the video link for a Beadalon Tassel Maker tool!  It is demonstrated by Katie Hacker for Art Beads.

Wonders never cease!

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  1. You are SO Smart! What a wonderful idea you've come up with!! I'm sure your Mother really appreciates what you do for her. You've made me wonder why the fishing line is so expensive where she is....

    You know I could now kick myself for selling off all my embroidery floss! I could have made some great tassels with it! Oh Duh!!

    1. The Fireline has to be imported from the US and the tackle shop where she is would also have to make a special order.

      Just wait until I do other jewelry tutorials on embroidery floss !

  2. So ingenious! Thanks for the tip about tassel makers - tassels are on my list!

  3. I LOVE your ingenious ideas and this is no exception. I thank you for sharing this and my wallet thanks you too.
    PLEASE keep them coming!

  4. You truly have the mind of an engineer! I tried to design something like this years ago and failed. Thank you for sharing.


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