My mother loves to bead but Fireline is expensive where she is.  So I bought her some from a local fishing shop (Kingsway Fishing Tackle, Guelph). They sell Fireline in 100 m lots for a lot cheaper than if you bought it in a store and definitely far less than from a jewelry supplier.   The problem is, I have to mail it to her, preferably as flat as possible in an envelope and not on a spool.

The tackle shop had wound both the black and crystal Fireline on two sides of the same big reel.  So I had to transfer 400 m of the stuff to some cardboard, preferably before I grew more grey hair.  I rigged up my wire coiler with a mandrel that I stuck into a piece of corrugated cardboard.

I also created a makeshift reel holder in a few seconds flat by placing the reel on a car exhaust pipe fitting (I use it as a bracelet mandrel) with a wooden dowel. Viola!  The Fireline was rewound in next to no time as I could crank the coiler handle very fast.

It didn't occur to me that a) one could use this tip to make tassels - different widths of cardboard would be necessary b) there was actually a little gizmo for exactly that task until my friend Aims happened to send me the video link for a Beadalon Tassel Maker tool!  It is demonstrated by Katie Hacker for Art Beads.

Wonders never cease!

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