I like this easy laced leather cuff tutorial by Nathalie over on I Always Pick the Thimble for a number of reasons. She shares a super idea for embellishing plain leather cuffs.  Just punch many holes and lace up with 0.5 mm leather cord in a contrasting color. Heck, you don't even have to cut the leather or attach the snap fasteners yourself.  Nunn Design carries the cuff already made!

Punching that many small holes is hard on the hands so Nathalie's tip for using a hammer makes sense. I also liked how she figured out a neat way of dealing with the back of the work.  So this is something to consider if you are hoping to lace different patterns.

It doesn't have to be a wide cuff either.  Consider simpler designs on narrower leather bracelets with conventional glue on clasps.

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