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How to Make a Faux Gemstone from Polymer Clay

Why would anyone want to make a faux gemstone from polymer clay when one can buy the real thing?  Well, for a start, polymer is very light compared to the genuine article so that is an advantage for some.  The other thing is the sheer challenge!  Check out Gloria's tutorial for a faux jasper pendant over on Domestic Diva Online. It is neat for a number of reasons.

Gloria used the basic technique from Marie Segal with some modifications.  She used transparent polymer clay and alcohol inks to get the gemstone effects. The polishing at the end really brings a shine to the project.

I also loved how she intergrated curved wire pieces into the design!

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  1. I like this!

    Making your own cabochons with polymer clay is a great idea! You can make the colour you want to go with beads you already have an the difference in price is another major factor.

    I like that you can do whatever colour you want with this tutorial and then do any shape you want as well.

    The addition of the wire is rather neat I think.

    1. I think it is also a wonderful challenge for the maker as it is not easy duplicating real gemstones!


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