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How to Make Colorful Macrame Ring Tutorials

Lubcho Macrame makes wonderful macrame jewelry designs.  I featured her focal macrame ring tutorial a while ago.  But she has 2 more colorful macrame ring tutorials of note.  These video tutorials are silent but  remember to turn on annotations (the settings on the video over on Youtube - it is the gear symbol) to read her instructions.  First up is the tutorial for this lovely design called Coloria. 

Most of work is accomplished with just half hitches so it is not that difficult so long as you keep the cords organized. She adds, "But sometimes it's a double half hitch and sometimes a twisted half hitch!"

Her colorful square macrame ring tutorial is also striking!

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  1. Another great tutorial that Brownies and Guides need to see since they take knotting as part of their point system.

    These are so cute and colourful!

    Did I ever tell you that I have purses that my brother made when we were in our teens? He made them for our grandmother and they have beads woven in them and a lining and wooden handle. I have them hanging on a bedroom wall for decoration and I always look at them and marvel at how he did those (I won't say how many years ago) and they still look wonderful and are right in style too!

    1. I marvel too at how macrame has made a big comeback in recent years!

  2. I look forward to every e-mail from The Beading Gem's Journal. It's one of the best sources I've found for tutorials and inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much for saying so! It is helpful to know I am doing something right!

  3. This only goes to prove - what goes around comes around.

    I often look at things at 'Value Village' or some kind of second hand store and try to evaluate if that retro design is going to come back into style or not. It's really a fun thing to do and stretches your artistic brain as well...


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