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Lovely Beaded Bezel Swarovski Cabochon Necklace Tutorial

Swarvoski makes the loveliest crystal cabochons. But then I am biased because I love bling!  This tutorial is from Fusion Beads where the beaded bezel Swarovski crystals are attached together for a stunning effect. This tutorial is for an open back bezel. The PDF is available as a download.

I like how different shapes of cabochons are used. The same shape, for example, all round crystals ,will also work but the variation makes the design far more interesting.

The chain also makes this necklace less formal than if there was more beading. Plus it saves you time!

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  1. Oooh - Shiny!! I seem to be attracted to shiny!

  2. Looks like a great tutorial - I am planning to try some basic beading sooner or later so saved this one!

    1. You'll love beading! I find it very soothing to do.


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