I think adding some sort of metal frames around polymer clay beads really make them look better. Conversely, the colored polymer clay makes metallic component pop!  Check out this tutorial on how to make metal framed polymer clay beads by Carolyn and Dave Good over at 2GoodClaymates.  It is such a great alternative to using the frames by themselves or with a strung bead. The polymer clay insert fits much better!

As these two clay artists show, you can do any sort of texture or finishing details with them.  Open areas in the frames like the ones shown above come in useful for adding jump rings and so on.  But I like her idea of inserting a metal skewer through the frame and polymer clay so you can string these beads later. There is a wonderful example of a chain and linked metal framed polymer clay bead belt in their post!

One thing I should add is the tutorial assumes you know that you have to bake the beads at the end!

You can try this with resin clay.  One tip with resin clay is to use olive oil to grease the skewer before inserting otherwise, it will be permanently stuck to the bead!

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