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Wire Wrapped Framed Earrings by Two Tightly Wound

I have always loved adding wire frames in wire wrapped designs. It is a lovely way to suggest the look of bezels as well as a means of connecting all sorts of lovely beads to the design.  New York based partners, Amy and Andrea, the wire wrapping team behind Two Tightly Wound on Etsy create wire wrapped framed jewelry to perfection.

They use both external and internal framing in their stunning earrings designs along with lacy styled finer wire work. Some pieces are simpler in style while some are definitely statement jewelry.  They use lots of beautiful gemstones including the faceted ones, Swarovski crystals as well as 14K gold filled, argentium and sterling silver in their droolworthy work!

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  1. Awesome, drool worthy earrings, very inspiring indeed

  2. Amazing work! And nice use of chain on the last pair!

  3. Oh WOW!!
    This brought images of long flowing gowns that leave the shoulders bare so that these earrings stand out! I could see tiny jewel encrusted purses clutched in pale dusted hands and hair piled high on someone's head to emphasize these earrings once more.....oh my....
    Truly inspirational. It gives a person ideas and hopes to achieve something so beautiful as these.

  4. Awesome pieces! Thank you for introducing us to this site.

  5. Stunning! Very creative and versatile use of wire, indeed!

  6. Two very talented designers. It was nice to see that they also respect their creations and priced them accordingly. It always breaks my heart when I see a jewelry artist that prices their pieces far too low, I suppose many of us have made that mistake with hopes of promoting sales (I know I have). I now know that people who are educated about what goes into handcrafted items, will appreciate them and gladly pay the price for the artist's time, talent and imagination.

    1. That is indeed a very good comment about pricing well to reflect the skill and talent needed for beautiful creations such as this.


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