Sabrina Chin of Love at First Blush is a fellow Canadian with a studio in Kensington Market, Toronto. It's easy to see why her leather feather and cuff jewelry collection has been featured in several magazines, fashion editorials, tv and even a Paramount movie in 2013. The edgy handmade brand is popular with those who like their accessories to be different mainstream styles.

Sabrina said, "After completing my Fashion Degree from Ryerson University, I moved to the most creative and artistic hub in Canada; Montreal. I worked as an in-house designer for a fashion company, sketching and designing garments that would later hang in their stores all across Canada. I learned a lot while working there, communicating with oversea vendors and the local pattern makers and sewers."

She did eventually quit her day job to start up Love at First Blush.  Shown here are a selection from her Etsy store.  What inspires her?  She said, "I am continually inspired by nature, winged creatures, and my travels across the world."  Feathers and bird themes in particular frequently inspire this artisan.

My favorites include her vivid turquoise leather feather earrings dipped in gold and embellished with chains as well as her curved feather necklace - the stitching encloses a wire so the whole creation is bendable.  Clever!  A successful and truly inspirational designer!

Love at First Blush is also on Etsy.

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