Jocelyn of Fantasia Elegance is not just an accomplished wire worker but she also generously shares some really lovely wire jewelry tutorials.  The first is the 5 Strand Celtic Wire Braided Cuff  design which is easy enough for beginners.  I love how she left gaps to create this open wire design unlike most wire braiding I have seen.. The technique will remind you of French braided hair! But I think working with wire is easier than hair!

 Part 1 shows how the braiding is done.  Part 2 covers how the wire ends are finished.  I particularly love the beads as they add color to the wire design. One suggestion is to clamp the taped up end in a table top vise so that you can manipulate the wires with both hands.  Square wire will also look great with this design!

The 9 strand wire cuff bracelet tutorial is more challenging so don't try this one until you tried the 5 strand cuff design. She does make it look easy! But it does take experience with wire.  So if you've never braided wire before, use craft wire or plated wire first!

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