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Safety Pin and Beads Jewelry Tutorial

Safety pin jewelry is not new. It started in the punk rock era.  The well known designer, Tom Binns integrated them in his statement necklace designs and inspired others to incorporate this utilitarian fastener. I've also covered various safety pin and beads jewelry tutorials before.  This recent one by Misty Spinney over on Brit+Co shows how good this particular style of safety pin jewelry can be. Not just for the younger set, eh?

The necklace is particularly eye catching with the use of different sizes.

Remember bulk buys of safety pins and leftover beads make it inexpensive too.

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  1. Ha! This is an 'of course' moment!!

  2. If I wasn't allergic to non-precious metals, I'd make some for myself right away - a friend made a bracelet for her daughter and it looks great!

    1. Earrings are the worst for me as I am also allergic to nickel which is the culprit in most cases!


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