It's one thing to create recycled or upcycled jewelry. It's another to make something beautiful out of this waste material.  Check out this great upcycled leaves tutorial from Monika on her arts and crafts blog.  The tutorial is in Polish so you will need to translate it.

The key to this tutorial is the use of a soldering/heating tool.  The instructor used specifically a  Dremel Versatip multipurpose Tool . The tool is marketed for "soldering, melting, shrinking, pyrography, hot cutting and paint removing" due to the available interchangeable tips.

So what she did was to melt away cut-outs in pieces of PET bottles. The heat from the tool also gave the leaves a slightly warped effect.  It looks like a necklace but I think earrings will be pretty cool too.

Hat tip to Aims for this find.


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