Akiko Shinzato is a London based Japanese jewelry designer. She now designs for Vivon Jewelry Japan. Her wire facial jewelry for her Another Skin collection was created as part of her jewelry design degree at Central Saint Martins (University of Arts, London).  It won her the student category at  ENJOIA'T 2015, a competition for contemporary jewelry awards.

The Barcelon, Spain competition "rewards originality, technical quality, conceptual richness and transgression in the field of jewelry making so much as to question its own limits." Akiko certainly delivered with her innovative designs which showed thinking outside the box.

These will likely not become mainstream designs but through them, the designer makes a profound statement about our modern society and the "masks" we wear.  

She explained, "This collection is about people’s obsession with their appearances. We perform appearance managements for the sake of beauty, from dieting to exercise, makeup to cosmetic surgeries and so on. Facebook and other social networking services are used to broadcast certain images of self and “make up” an identity. We treat our appearances according to how we want to be seen by others and put this alternative veil of identity on the faces. In other words, our appearances can be modified and manipulated as we wish."


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