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Book Review & Giveaway | Crafter's Market 2016

Getting serious about turning your craft passion into a career requires some research and planning. Knowing you have to market your creations is one thing but how to go about it is another. So advice, tips and insider knowledge from those who have been there and done that is not only useful but a time saver.  There is no need to make the same mistakes other new small business owners make.

I received the second edition of Crafter's Market from Fons and Porter (F+W Media) recently for review.  Crafter's Market 2016: How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living is an annual resource guide for up to date information on how to start and expand your craft small business. It is edited by Kerry Bogert, craft book author as well as an editor for Interweave.  This guide is about 1 inch thick and packed with information relevant to all marketable crafts.  There are 3 main sections.

The first section deals with business basics like how to keep track of expenses and tax information. The latter is most relevant for US craft business owners. People from outside the US will have to do your own homework about taxes in your countries. I suspect most countries will let you deduct home office expenses and a percentage of your utilities, rent or mortgage and so on.

The copyright part was an eye opener and contained invaluable information.  Did you know copyright is not just a singular right ? "It is a bundle of rights you enjoy as the creator of your artwork."   So an artist could control which rights - such as reproduction right or even public display right - he or she wishes to grant to others or sell.

The Articles and Interviews section of the book contains invaluable insights on several different topics by seasoned artisans and artists. They clearly know how to market and promote via email marketing and social media such as Pinterest. They also know where the time sucks are and how to be more efficient with today's technology.

Reading what other artisans go through reminds us of common issues.  Knitwear designer, Heather Zoppetti lamented about knitwear design, "It's a saturated and unpredictable market that is, in most cases, unable to provide a living wage." And you thought it was only jewelry making!  But she shares her tips on how to expand one's market.

Jason Tennant's article on his Perspectives as an Online Visual Artist included pros and cons for selling on Etsy. Selling at a craft show is a popular way of earning but what if you have never done one before? Kerry Bogert has some great tips.  One interesting article was Heather Power's Hosting Creative Retreats.  She should know - she is the organizer for Diane Gilleland's Crafting a Book is another fascinating read as she covers 5 reality checks any book author wannabee needs to know.  #1 was "Can You Afford to Write a Book?"

The bulk of the book consists of market listings - information on shows both offline and online and other marketing ventures in publishing.  Each listing not only contains contact details but also what the show/online market/book/magazine is all about.  Some publications offer compensation at competitive rates for published articles but not all do.  All this will help you determine which place is a best fit for you and your craft designs.

The industry shows are the wholesale ones where retailers around the world come to buy stock for their stores.  The craft show listings also contain additional (brief) information such as deadlines, application feeds, booth space etc.  These shows are listed alphabetically with helpful symbols for a few Canadian and UK venues, making it easier to spot these in a sea of US ones. The index also lists these by state and country. Small, locally organized craft shows and fairs are not listed.

The book covers most important listings but not all.   For example, under online marketplaces, Cafepress is included but not Zazzle. This may be related to the requirements for the book or the fact that some companies did not respond to requests for information.

The amount of information also varies. This is directly due to the returned questionnaires from companies. Dwanda, the European online marketplace, submitted a long paragraph compared to Etsy's terse 5 lines!

Crafter's Market 2016 is a very useful resource to have at your finger tips.  It's no surprise they are already working on the next issue which will be out at the end of this year with updated info for 2017.

If you'd like to win a copy of Crafter's Market 2016: How to Sell Your Crafts and Make a Living please make a comment below. Make sure you leave contact info below if you do not have an online shop or blog.

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This giveaway is international. 
If the winner has a non-post box US address, the prize will be a physical book.  Otherwise it will be an eBook.

Extra entries if you become or are a blog subscriber or follower etc. If you also do shout outs about this giveaway, those will count as additional entries too! Please say so in the comments. (The exception is Facebook - just like/comment on the giveaway status there!!)

It ends in a week's time at 6 pm EST Monday, April 4 , 2016 . I will pick the winner randomly and announce the results as soon as possible after. So be sure to leave a contact email if you don't have an online link or make sure you come back and check! Otherwise I will redraw in a week. Good luck!

I receive books and products for review.  I do receive a small fee for any products purchased through affiliate links.   The opinions expressed are solely my own.  They would be the same whether or not I receive any compensation.

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  1. Would love a copy of the book. Just getting started selling and know this would be a lot of help.

    1. Thanks for this opportunity Pearl! I sold items through a craft mall many years ago but they managed everything. I'd like to start making money with my crafts and jewelry again and this book would be a great help.

  2. This sounds like a great resource that I'd like to add to my library. It's always interesting to read business tips, tricks, & insights from other artists.

    As always, thank you, Pearl, for everything you do for the beading community. I enjoy your blog, emails, & Facebook posts.

  3. This sounds like some much needed information! Thanks!

  4. This looks like a very relevant resource.

  5. Well what could be better for a crafter wanting to sell their wares! Please enter me in the comp to win this as it would be very handy and save loads of time wading through multiple emails and websites n still not knowing the best advice. Blog follower and subscriber, can be reached at

  6. Sounds like a fascinating read as well as a good resource. Count me in. I also follow you on blog lovin a blog compiler and will pass off your info to my friends about this.

    Kimpozar at yahoo

  7. Would love to win this.. Thank you for the opportunity!

  8. Thank you Pearl, every bit of knowledge is so helpful. Blog follower:

  9. I am always looking for new info on how to make my shows better this would be an awesome prize

  10. Looks like an interesting book.

  11. After reading your review I think that what makes this book interesting are the varied experiences and tips shared by different experts in their articles. "Can You Afford to Write a Book" now tops my list of must reads from the book.

  12. Thanks for this opportunity to win such an informative book!
    Beth Burdick

  13. This sounds like a great book. Need some help trying to turn my crafts into a real business.

  14. Just tweeted about the review and giveaway.

  15. this would be such a valuable resource to have!!

  16. This looks like it would be a great reference book to have on hand. Thanks for the opportunity.

  17. Yes, yes, yes. I really want this book. Thanks,Pat S

  18. I pinned this to my giveaway board

  19. Boy would that book be helpful. Could use direction regarding making my jewelry a for profit ?? Business. Thank you Beadin ggem for all your wonderful post. They are so helpful. Hope I can win this guide.

  20. Hi I will be very happy to get this book...will help me a lot!

  21. To sit and create a beautiful piece of jewelry is almost zen-like (most of the time). The contented feeling you get with such an accomplishment lasts for as long as you hold the piece in your hand after you finally finish it.

    That contentment evaporates quickly, especially if you aren't going to wear the piece. It so quickly turns into 'Now What?!'

    Photography, marketing, selling, sometimes hard selling or persuading someone to buy the piece is what follows and those things most often include panic, sweating, anxiety, sleepless nights, and a lack of understanding of how to proceed.

    I can see where this book would help dispel some of the mystery of what to do with your creations and art no matter what kind of art you do.

    The saying 'If you build it they will come' is NOT true. It was just a good line for the movie 'Field of Dreams'. And it's just that - a dream.

    Creating art and then selling it to someone takes a lot of work on all fronts. Being able to talk to someone who does it and is open to telling 'You' how to do it is more than often not an option. People just don't want to share the field of 'success' with others for the most part. They want to keep it for themselves.

    Having a guide in the field of selling and marketing along with answers to some of those questions we all have would be invaluable. Markets and the crowds that attend them is a tough place to perform blind and without the knowledge of what to do on that stage.

  22. I'd love to win this book. All that great information would help me as I revamp my jewelry biz, and also my son who is working toward self publishing his first book. Thanks!

  23. Sounds like the book contains a lot of valuable information. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. I am a blog follower and email subscriber. Thanks for the chance to win an interesting book!

    alikat2004 on

  25. I've been trying so hard to make a success of my jewelry making. I am hoping that this book would help me take it over the edge. I'd LOVE to win it. It could be so much help.

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  28. Thanks for your posts Pearl and these giveaways. It would be wonderful to learn from someones experience on how to enter this business and make it successful.

    desitimepass at gmail

  29. This would be great! I'm trying to learn all I can.

  30. This book would be perfect as I'm trying to get into the business of selling my jewelry & such. Thank you for the opportunity❤️

  31. What a useful book this would be! Would love to win it.
    icbnett (at) gmail (dot) com

  32. Sounds really intriguing. I've started halfheartedly in 2013, with limited success. Now I am working on a commerce degree, and am thinking of getting back into jewellery once I'm done. Applying all that new theoretical knowledge would be greatly helped by this book.

  33. Would love to win this.

  34. Thank you for the opportunity to win this valuable resource for any crafter.

  35. I would love to win thanks for the chance.

  36. I am a subscriber
    Sarah Scott Oswald

  37. I just found you! I SOOO need you-- and this book! Thanks for the opportunity!
    Lisa Malmsten


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