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Wide Bead Wrapped Bracelet Tutorial

The bead wrapped bracelet and button clasp style is wildly popular.  But let's not get stuck with the same single row of beads approach.  I delight in looking for clever variations (see links below).  This tutorial by Karen over on I Always Pick the Thimble,  shows the same style but as a wide cuff.  The tapering is a lovely touch.  As with many jewelry designs, the modeled picture really shows how good it looks worn.

I like how Karen used cube beads in an ombre fashion, going lighter on either end.

She also used waxed linen instead of string or thread for the wrapping.  Waxed linen has a great benefit, there is less slippage with it. But it does have a well, waxy feel to it so it takes some getting used to!

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  1. I have two colours of waxed linen that I use but it's not always the easiest type of threading material to use. Sometimes it's just so stiff that it's annoying.

    I'm thinking that warming the waxing a bit with my hands might be the solution now that I've actually put some thought into it.

    What do you think Pearl?

    1. It will take more than the warm of your hands to soften the wax, methinks. Being stiff helps thread beads but I still dislike the waxy or oily feeling when I work with it.

    2. Hmmm - I wonder if a little time in the toaster oven would soften it. Might be worth a test the next time I'm doing some polymer clay.....

    3. There's nothing like trying something out to find out for sure! Don't forget to tell us your experimental results.


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