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Easy Marbled Polymer Clay Pendant NecklaceTutorial

Laura Gummerman over on A Beautiful Mess came up with this easy marbled polymer clay pendant tutorial. Beginners can certainly tackle this one. I also like the contemporary style of bail used.  Did I mention before that gold is making a comeback after years of being  in the shadow of silver designs?

There is another reason why I picked this tutorial to feature.  It is not often I come across a polymer clay tutorial which can also be applied to resin clay.  You will have to create 3 different colored resin clay portions just like this polymer clay one.  The difference is, you won't need any glue as the resin clay will bond to the bail without heat.

Before You Go:
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  1. I'm having so much fun these days playing with polymer clay. The trick of not burning it in the oven is also something that you don't have to worry about with resin clay.

    Gold is making a comeback? I see so much rose-gold that I guess I wasn't really considering the fact that it is very prevalent now.

    The best thing about that is the rose-gold coloured copper wire which makes it so very inexpensive as compared to real karat stuff.

    As for me - I just don't wear gold. I'm a silver gal and will always be. Even brass is something I pass on although I do like making things in that colourway.

    1. I must start playing more with polymer clay. So much to play!

      I wear both silver and gold colors; copper does not really suit my skin tone!


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