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Easy Wire Wrapped Memory Wire Cuff Tutorial

Sure, memory wire cuffs are easy to make when it's just the wrap style.  But memory wire can be so much more for jewelry designs.  I have been collecting some fun ideas for years (see links below). Another one for the collection is Cynthia Kimura's tutorial over on Art Beads.

It is easy to make as it consists of filling several cut coils of memory wire with seed beads, crystals and pearls.  The simple looped wire pins at each end of the cuff will hold all the memory wire loops together.

Spaced out vertical wire wrapping is done to keep all the wire coil sections together. You can see one row of this wire wrapping to the front left of the picture above.   The designer used 20 G wire to do this.  If you want a daintier look, use finer wire - say 24- 26 G. But you will have to do this more times along the whole cuff.

Also consider running the wire wrapping wire through a bead or two as well on each level to offset the wiring.  Maybe create a chevron look. A contrast colored wire might even make the design pop! The possibilites!

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  1. You're right Pearl - the possibilities are absolutely endless with this type of design! I like how easy it is yet how creative you can be with it as well. A great idea and tute!!

    1. I like cuffs like these as they sit close to the wrist. I am not one for dangly bracelets.

  2. Wire wrapping the separate coils is a great idea - I've made bracelets like these and the pins at the bottom are not enough to keep them from being wobbly!

    1. Some people might prefer each memory wire part to be separate but like you, I prefer they are wired together to reduce the wobbliness!


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