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Magatama Beaded Kumihimo Bracelet with Snake Clasp Tutorial

Do you just grab any clasp to finish up a project? Sometimes it pays to choose just the right one!  I really like this magatama beaded kumihimo bracelet with a snake clasp. The magatama beads certainly look like scales!  The tutorial is by Allison over on Dream a Little Bigger.

She said it is important to to string up the beads in the same way but she didn't find it necessary to align them in any way while braiding.  Another instructor, Julie Bean, does align as shown on her video tutorial for her magatama beaded kumihimo bracelet.  I guess the only way to know for sure is to try it!

Allison also demonstrates the correct way to add glue to such clasps.  Add the glue to the inside of the clasp and push the braided cord in. Adding glue to the ends of the braided cord is messier as you can get glue on your fingers.  And maybe not enough glue, either.

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  1. Too bad they call it a 'snake clasp'. My terror of snakes will not even let me buy or use a clasp like that even though it's not even real. Dumb - I know.
    But I can't help it.

    That bracelet really does look like scales. Perhaps 'reptile clasp' would work. It could be any kind of reptile then....

    I think I learned a long time ago that the glue goes in the clasp for exactly that reason. Nothing like getting glue everywhere!

    1. I'm not really fond of live snakes myself. But I would wear a snake clasp because it's so cool. The snake motif has been popular in jewelry making for thousands of years.


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