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Fish Scale Inspired Leather Cuffs Tutorial

This fish scale inspired leather cuffs tutorial by Mikaela Holmes over on Instructables makes used of two layers of different colored thin leather in a clever way. Slits are made which allow sections of the leather to be flipped revealing the the second color.

You do need a sewing machine to make quick work of securing down the slats.  Consider adding additional stitching around the edges of the cuffs as well as around the slat area.  This will not only be decorative but will also ensure the two layers of layer remain permanently together.

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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  1. I saw a very similar technique applied to leather purses while I was in Vegas. They were selling for $2000!!!

    At the time I wondered how on earth the designer had accomplished the design. She told me she had learned the (secret) technique from a little Oriental lady and had vowed never to reveal it.

    Fun to see how it is actually done!

    Great bracelet. I think it would be lovely in different colours as well.


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