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How to Downsize Your Ring Temporarily

Got a loose ring? This genius hack from Buzz Feed DIY lets you easily size down a ring with just some hot glue. Work on parchment or wax paper. It's not permanent as you can peel off the glue.  A good solution for rings which you want to wear on different fingers.

How to size down a ring
Posted by BuzzFeed DIY 

This is just a temporary hack.  It won't hurt solid metal rings but it might well take off the plating of cheap rings. So be warned.

There are some other products on the market like the silicone one linked below. However, the best way is to get a professional jeweler to resize rings if you are not a metal smith.

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  1. I wish a loose ring was my problem Pearl! It's - always - the other way around. Always. ;0)

  2. this is a great trick, thanks for sharing

  3. I'm always asked if I can resize people's rings. Then I'm told that they've already been to a jewellery store, but they don't want to pay the price. People have no idea how much work is involved, so these ideas are great. Thanks, Pearl. I put a link to your post on FB.


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