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Russian polymer clay artist, Maksim Mantuli of Lixori,  makes fragrance polymer clay jewelry for women who want their perfume to last longer. His designs are also for those who cannot tolerate perfume on their skins. Not into perfume?  Then perhaps essential oils?

It is a subtle release of the scent unlike other fragrance designs I have seen.  All his designs have holes in the back where drops of perfume are placed.  This I suspect is the unsealed polymer clay which will take up the scent. Alcohol based scents probably won't last very long but essential oils or those used in candle or soap making might fare better.

Maksim's swirl designs are beautiful. Being polymer clay, they are also light. Such fragrance jewelry will also scent clothing if you keep them in the same drawers!

Maksim also shares what he is up to on his Facebook.  He is also on Etsy.

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  1. I find this technique quite fascinating. I'm wondering if the piece keeps the one scent - even if faintly - so that you couldn't change scents if you wanted to.

    I must try a test piece of my own.

    Maksim certainly has his beautiful swirls down pat!!

    1. The scent will probably go completely with time. But then if you can make your own then make different designs for different scents. Yes, his polymer clay work is incredibly beautiful!


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