Upcycling is a great way to reuse unwanted material such as plastic bottles. The Plastic Bottle Cutter is a nifty tool for turning plastic bottles into strips which then can be used in many ways.  As twine, as a rope and also as a craft material.  This French project is still within the fundraising period but the Kickstarter project has already reached more than 20x the original goal.  It is clear many people can see a lot of functional and creative potential in this device.

Watch the video and see how fast strips can be made with the tool.

The inventors also show how you can apply heat to obtain pretty twists in the plastic strip.  Wrap something up with the plastic twine, apply heat and the strip will shrink and tighten.

The tool can be used to cut strips of varying widths. One very useful application is in the garden.

But the creative fun lies with crafting from the examples here :

One outstanding designer I featured before is French artist, Florie Salnot. I wrote about her stunning Plastic Gold designs. She worked with a nonprofit organization trying to help Saharan refugees earn a living. She came up with a way of using plastic bottle strips, hot sand, and a simple template. Read more about the project and see more designs here.  Check links below for more inspiring upcycled plastic bottle jewelry designers.

Plastic Gold Necklace Design by Florie Salnot
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