My next How to Photography Jewelry webinar is this Sunday at 2 pm EST - here is the signup/register link to be notified of the next one.  There is still space so email me ASAP if you'd like to attend.  I focus on smartphone camera photography because more and more people (77% in the US, 70% in Canada, 66% in UK) have them and they are much, much easier to use. The quality of the smartphone cameras have improved considerably so it is hard to justify buying an expensive dSLR.  Wouldn't spend the money on beads, wire, glass etc?

There is clear evidence for a swing towards smartphone cameras. Last December, Flickr announced on their blog their analysis of the top cameras used in 2015. The chart above shows camera phones outstripping dSLR and compact camera usage.

And the iPhone is still the top camera used on Flickr. iPhone cameras are very good as with some Android based phones. But the ease of use and sheer number of photography apps available in the App store make the iPhone very popular indeed.

Compact camera usage continues to decline. According to Flickr, dSLR camera usage reached a peak in 2012. Mirrorless cameras are now starting to factor in.  Both dSLR and mirrorless cameras are still the cameras of choice for serious photography enthusiasts and professionals.

Etsy artisans use a variety of cameras including smartphones.

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