Making kumihimo bracelets is a popular pastime - it is so soothing to do something repetitive.  A good stress reliever after a long day. It's up there with adult coloring books except that with kumihimo, you get to wear the creation afterwards! Need something else to spice up a kumihimo bracelet?

Then check out this tutorial by Allison over on Dream a Little Bigger.  What she has done is figured out a way of introducing big beads inside the kumihimo braiding. It's a clever way to add a bit more oomph to a design.

She glued a  big bead on a cord which is then fed down inside the braid as it is being worked. Needless to say, you have to make sure the beads you choose will fit through the kumihimo board's hole!

If you are planning to more than 1 big bead, I would certainly try gluing all three on the support cord first. Spaced out in a pleasing manner. The cord should be the length of the bracelet or necklace you need. I am thinking the support cord could be a convenient visual marker of when to stop braiding. Think so too?

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