Want a fun, funky wire ring to wear?  Check out this easy wire circle ring tutorial by Kimberlie Kohler.  It is a forgiving design in that you do not have to be super neat.   I like the seed bead version although you should practice first without the beads.  Another option is to wire in a larger bead in the middle for an even funkier effect.

Avoid using serrated pliers!   Use proper smooth jawed jewelry pliers so the tool won't mark your wire.

If  you do not have a ring mandrel, find a wooden dowel or a metal pipe that is the right size.  It is easier to get consistent ring shanks in this case.  My wood working uncle made me a stepped ring mandrel (you can also purchase one from Amazon) which also works well.

You can also use a metal conical ring mandrels. These are very good for hammering and stretching a metal ring as you can hammer it down from small to larger sizes. See this video tutorial :


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