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Advanced Copper Wire Woven Jewelry Tutorial Inspirations

Copper wire woven designs are simply gorgeous especially when a patina is applied. These are not full tutorials which is why I consider them advanced ones for those of you who are already familiar with wire weaving.   This tutorial by Russian wire artist, Valerly Vorobev shows how the multiwire weaving technique is applied for this button pendant.  The instructor said he failed to photograph all the steps needed for a paid class so he is sharing what he has !

The crucial steps are there though.  He shows how he wire weaves a U shape multi wire frame to start with. You can see the separation of the wire bundles and the changes in the wire weaving design in the photographs.  Check out this post on how he does the intricate wire weaving.

Also observe how he curves the different wire bundles. He does a lot of the same curving for the focal in his Viking Knit bracelet tutorial :

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  1. What gorgeous designs! Too bad I just don't have the patience.....

  2. I would love to learn Charles' foldforming techniques! His work is amazing!

  3. Wow...I am ready to try this. Thanks for the inspiration Pearl!

  4. Replies
    1. Soumak which is inspired from.the rug making techniques


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