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5 Easy Thin Leather Cord Bracelets to Wear All at Once!

Maybe wearing several heavy bracelets or cuffs together is not your style.  But color coordinated thin leather cord bracelets are easier to wear all at once as a set.  The tutorials are by Curlymade. These are very quick to make.  Mix and match with different outfits.

These projects are ideal for the younger crowd. The finishing details are not difficult.  Ribbon clamps are used which results in a better finish.

The instructor is very neat when she adds glue. Notice, she keeps her fingers well away from the glued cord ends.  If you are more like me where adding glue might lead to a mess, try adding the glue (with a toothpick) to the inside of the clamp before inserting the cord ends.

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  1. Sometimes we need something easy to jumpstart our creativity - or to fill that price point....she does a nice job on all of them.

  2. Thanks for sharing this video. I not only enjoyed the video, but her lovely accent as well!


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