When you've seen one Tree of Life design, you've seen them all, right?  Definitely not. The creativity of wire artists knows no bounds. I keep finding new design tutorials as well as writing my own (see links below). Here is a new one!  This lovely wire tree of life pendant tutorial  (link is no longer available) is not wire framed but sits wrapped around a pointed crystal pendant - a popular shape with the new age folks.

The tutorial is in Russian so you will have to translate the page.  I like to use the Chrome browser. A right click on any part of the page brings up a menu. Select "translate to English" and viola! But honestly, you don't really need to translate as the pictures are sufficient.

Note that the crystal used has an attached bail. You will have to make your own wire bail if you get just plain crystals.

Make sure that the scrolled wire ends hug the crystal properly.  It's best to prevent these from getting caught up with clothing etc otherwise the lower part of the wire work will detach from the crystal.  So add a little glue to each scroll so that it stays put.

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