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Very Useful Chart for Jewelry Wire

It's wonderful to have all sorts of jewelry making resources on the internet.  Less wonderful is the non-standard way of expressing jewelry wire dimensions.  I'm still on gauge but others use metric and imperial measurements.  So a fine applause for the  House of Gems infographic or chart on all things wire. Click on the link to get the full chart.

I found the first part of the chart so useful as it is so annoying to have to convert units.  Yes, even with a handy app!

The rest of the chart covers shape, harness and the different types of metal used with their relative uses and benefits.

I also wrote about Perri Jackson's useful charts which show how much wire is needed for wire coils.

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  1. Fantastic resource, thanks for sharing

  2. Printing this out and posting it beside my wire collection.

    Everyone needs this! Thanks Pearl! I hate having to go back and search the conversion every time...

  3. Thank you, pinning this right away!


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