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Lovely Polymer Clay Snowflake Earrings Tutorial | Millefiori Cane Technique

Irina Ivanitskaya's polymer clay snowflake earrings tutorial is not only lovely but a good one to demonstrate the millefiori cane technique. It's the same way they build up rock candy patterns. Both are based on the ancient glass millefiori (Italian:"mille" (thousand) and "fiori" (flowers)) technique.

The design is meticulously done both front and back. The addition of the rhinestone in the center is a nice touch.

Although Irina calls her design snowflakes, I think they can double as flowers too.

As always, I wonder if one can make these snowflakes out of colored resin clay?

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  1. gorgeous - she makes it seem very easy - such great skill

  2. Those are lovely! Such a simple cane can really make a statement. I agree they look like flowers and in different colours you could really make some very striking ones.

    She does make it look very easy - the sign of a very talented artist.

    Not having used resin clay I'm not positive but I can't see why it couldn't be used. As long as the one clay doesn't bleed into the next colour - is this a possibility? If not - then why not?


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