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Hand Carved Pearl Skull Rings by Shinji Nakaba

Artisans who carve pearls and turn them into jewelry are few and far between. Japanese designer Shinji Nakaba carves many things but it is his tiny hand carved pearl skull rings which caught my eye. His wearable sculptures are now exhibited in various group and solo international exhibitions. These one of a kind rings are also for sale on his online shop.

This glyptic art form dates back to antiquity. Gemstone carvers like Shinji use a variety of tools. In his case he uses a Dremel with very small bits. He is able to make skulls from all kinds of colored pearls. He cleverly uses their natural shapes to suit the type of skull designs he is after be they human, cat or meerkat!

He hand forges his rings from stainless steel and can use precious metal if requested.

Carved Pearl Cat Skull Ring
Carved Pearl Meerkat Skull

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  1. Great choice for a post! Shinji Nakaba does amazing work, and I'm so glad you highlighted him.

  2. Wow! What amazing work! So intricate and so detailed.

    I went to the online shop and am not really surprised at the cost of the rings. All that work and the expertise involved in doing this deserves the price asked.

    Now here's the question. Do you have a notification set up for anything 'pearl' related?!! :0)

    1. If I understand you right - you can use my search box and type in "pearl".

    2. I meant - do YOU have an ongoing google search for 'pearl' since it matches your name... (a small joke my friend)

    3. LOL! No way. Do you know "pearl" brings up gazillion references?


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