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FLIN | Nylon Fishing Line Jewelry by Vulantri

Some of us do use nylon fishing line for jewelry making. But the designers of the new FLIN collection from Vulantri take this humble material to new heights.  Architect Rene Kroondijk and jewelry designer Tantri W. Wulantri who are both based in Bali, Indonesia worked together to come up with this contemporary, light and airy collection. The FLIN collection was inspired by the Balinese island lifestyle.

The stiff and yet pliable nylon lines form flowing, somewhat geometric lines.  The bi-colored designs represent the interaction between the waves of the sea and the fishermen.  Each piece was handmade by local crafts people.

Via Design Milk

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  1. Wow - those are amazing! So unique and graceful. I can't help but wonder how they keep the design in place.

    1. Fishing line is on the stiff side so it will hold its shape. The key is to anchor it well. The tricky bit is how to hold so many strands in place while securing them together!

  2. Oh Wow!! These are all simply gorgeous!!

    A huge round of applause for coming up with such designs out of this element.

    I never thought of making jewelry out of the fishing line when I was stringing on the lure....the lure yes - the fishing line - never.

    I'm stunned!!

    1. Actually many headers do use fishing line - Fireline is for fishermen! Some also use clear lines for beading.

  3. Impressive! All of them but the yellow bracelet looks impossible to make :)

  4. Beautiful! I'm hoping I can learn this technique. My 18 yr old daughter says my jewelry is boring. (Thanks Sara)
    I'd love to make something that will appeal to the younger girls.


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