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Thread Wrapped Adjustable Leather Bracelet Tutorial

I love the look of thread wrapped jewelry because of the color punch. Couple it with an adjustable leather bracelet and you've got something fast and easy!  This tutorial is by Cathy Attix over on Trinkets and Bloom. The bracelets look great teamed up with other bracelets on wrists.

Although it is adjustable, I would certainly adjust it to bangle size and then wear it like one. This saves having to fiddle with the adjustment each time one wears it.

A great design for those who love leather and not bling.

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  1. So very cute, and a great project for younger jewelry makers! I think I'll try it out with my oldest grand daughter - but I don't think we will forget the bling - there are ***sparkly*** and ombre threads, too!
    Thanks, Pearl :-)

    1. Lol! Thanks for the reminder about sparkly and ombré threads!!!

  2. Easy Peasey - and just perfect! I love an armload of bangles. And I always notice those who wear a lot of different bangles at once. This would certainly do the trick.

  3. It looks like fun! I have a friend who wears lots of bangles. I'd love to me ke her some!


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