Remember string art?  I tried my hand at making a string art pendant (see tutorial post) a while ago. It is usually accomplished by winding something like embroidery floss in a certain pattern with the wire coils of the frame to anchor the thread.  Well, this clever tutorial by Elvira Zorina over on Biserok combines a beaded hoop earrings design with string art!

Interestingly the beads were added using clear fishing line. A silver thread is used for the string art using.

I am not sure from the instructions but it looks like the anchor points for the silver thread is at each fishing line loop on the hoop.  If so, this is a good thing as you won't risk the thread fraying by going through any of the seed beads.

The tutorial is in Russian. So you will need to translate the pages. For computer users, use the Chrome browser, right click and select translate to EnglishFor mobile device users, use the Chrome app (free) and agree to the translation when asked. 

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