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Artisans who make live plant jewelry tend to use tiny terrariums or vases.  But Michigan based Susan McLeary does something very innovative. She "plants" live succulents onto jewelry findings and bases!  Her unique  bridal jewelry can be seen on her Etsy, PassionflowerMade (link no longer works).
It was a serendipitous journey to her collection.  Susan explained, " I was making wedding jewelry for one such friend, and one night, a few months before her wedding, she told me she hadn't hired a florist and needed my help. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but said yes without hesitation." She recalled the experience as "messy, stressful, and exhausting, and also wildly exhilarating!"  A passion was born! She became an event florist and launched her business, PassionflowerEvents.

Later on, she needed to send her floral jewelry at a photographer's request across the country. So Susan "had to figure out how to make beautiful floral jewelry that would survive."  Succulents were the solutionThe live succulent jewelry collection she now sells are all low maintenance and can be easily shipped.

They are designed to be worn for about 2-4 weeks after which the plants can be potted.  What a memorable way to remember a special occasion!

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  1. Talk about an original idea!! Absolutely love her ideas - probably because I love plants for one thing.

    I just had to send this off to my girlfriend who's in the process of arranging her wedding....

    1. She does beautiful designs indeed. Perfect for a bride who wants something green and different!

  2. So beautiful! I wish I would have know about this for my wedding. It would have been perfect!

  3. It's one of those once in a lifetime ideas - fantastic!


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