Were you wowed by the fabulous real living succulent jewelry by PassionflowerMade which I featured recently?  Well, here is how you can make your own.  The tutorial is by a self confessed succulent addict,  Cassidy of Succulents and Sunshine. She was taught the technique from a landscape designer.

Succulents are perfect for jewelry applications as they are pretty hardy plants. They are able to store water in their fleshy parts.  The rosette ones are particularly lovely. And they are not too difficult to propagate from seeds. Cassidy's tutorial covers what sort of succulents will work.

The key to making the jewelry is using Oasis Floral Adhesive.  Although Cassidy includes a ring tutorial, rings are best avoided as the wear and tear will likely lead to the succulents being knocked off. Earrings and pendants are worth considering.  I like how she used filigrees for the earrings. I think filling up a bezel pendant finding with a bit of moss and succulents would look cool too.

These are not meant to be permanent jewelry. After wearing for a short while, you can pot up the succulents.

Some people have tried pressing succulents as you can see from this tutorial. A little trickier with succulents then with other types of plant materials due to the amount of water they store.You do have to kill the plant and basically remove the fleshy bits.

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