Upcycling plastic bottles not just reuses a throw away item. There are some benefits too.  First and most important, the jewelry piece will not be heavy. EcoHeidi Borchers demonstrates in her first video tutorial how to use plastic pieces as the foundation to her Boho sea shell embellished necklace. The ridges of the common plastic water bottle does add texture to the foundation.

I love how she colored the plastic with acrylic paint for a solid background.  The sea shells, beads and glitter are all glued on. The final coat of  3D Crystal Lacquer seals and protects the whole design. 

She reuses smooth sided plastic bottles for her fabric embellished earrings tutorial.  Here the lightweight plastic acts as a foundation for the fabric. Using craft glue especially formulated for fabric works better than if you use another glue which might affect the fabric.  Great way to use up fabric scraps!

Hat tip to reader Aims for the seashell tutorial!


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