Sometimes it is not enough just to see the finished work of talented artisans.  The work may be gorgeous but the process itself is even more amazing and inspirational.  This feature shows how Russian metal artist, Mariya Yeskina, created her stunning enamel rocking horse brooch.  In the process she demonstrates her skill in a number of techniques.

She first designs a pencil colored version of her vision. Then it's cutting, sawing and filing the metal piece. She domes the horse body by a hammering technique called repouss√©. She then torches the piece to anneal (soften) it. Then cleans off the oxidation. The first layer of enamel is then applied and fired in the kiln.

What is astonishing about this design is the metal back support for the enamel horse.  She first uses wire to edge the metal horse. This wire frame is then soldered onto a metal sheet. She then saws to get the shape.

She uses so many enamel colors for her piece. It was so satisfying just to watch her drop her enamel rocking horse into its metal back support complete with her signature!

How It's Made a small blue horse ( with enamel ) Tutorial by Mariya YeskinaMusic: Teebs - While You DooooVideo: Vlad Sedletsky
Posted by CKI Italy on Sunday, November 1, 2015
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