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It has been a while since I gathered together recycled fork and spoon jewelry tutorials (see links below).  But reader Aims alerted me to James Faber's excellent fork bracelet tutorial  where he demonstrates how to make a stainless steel fork bracelet.  These are much harder to bend when compared to real silver forks or cheap forks.  So his tips are much appreciated.

There are two key steps in his tutorial.  Firstly he uses a torch to anneal (soften) the tines  so he can bend it into those interesting scrolls.  He uses what has to be the largest round nose pliers I have ever seen!  It needs to be long to so you are not working too close to the flame.

The best trick is the use of a metal tube and a G clamp to help bend the bracelet into a round shape. Remember to hammer with the pipe on a scrap carpet rather than on nice ceramic floor tiles!

He makes it look so easy, right?

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  1. As you know - I like to make fork jewelry.

    After watching James do his thing I went out and found those pliers. They are called 'circlips' and come with different length attachments. I found mine at Princess Auto here in Alberta but then saw them later at good ole' Canadian Tire....

    1. Thanks for the tip on the name and where to buy them. I wonder if they are available in Harbor Freight for US readers?


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