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Beaded Button Tutorial to Use for Jewelry Making Projects

This beaded button tutorial by Anna Taylor is such a versatile one because you can use the completed buttons for all sorts of jewelry making projects.  All the better if you are using up unattractive shank buttons from your stash!

Well you could use beaded buttons if you are a dressmaker.  But I would use them to make all in one shank button earrings.  The beaded variety will be very elegant indeed!

Other suggestions include using a simple wire technique convert the the beaded button into part of a clasp!  You can also use beaded buttons and large key rings to make scarf rings very quickly.  Maybe wire wrap one of the buttons into a fancy ring? Check out the button jewelry links below for more ideas. Some are not for shank buttons but that shouldn't stop you from tweaking the design ideas to suit.

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  1. I can see how this would be such fun if you do this type of beading. Using plain old buttons to fancy something up (after they've been made beautiful of course) is a brilliant idea - always.

    1. They are so versatile - my favorites are as earrings and as clasps.


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