Upcycled or recycled jewelry artisans are highly creative individuals.  One such designer is Bulgarian born, London based artist, Ina Prodanova of Enna Jewelry.  She also sells on Etsy.  What she does is reuse plastic bottles in imaginative ways.  She has two collections - a floral style and a bolder contemporary one.

With an MA in Visual Communications/Graphic Design, she pursued a graphic design career for 12 years.  Now the mother of a young son, she has branched off to an alternative direction.  As you can see from my favorite picks, her designs show her love of color.

She also hand cuts acrylic and shapes them as the foundation for some of her upcycled plastic jewelry designs.  Ina creates each design with initial sketches before moving on to layering the components she cuts out.

The results are lovely and goes to show that it's not what you use but how you use it that counts!!

Leather and Plastic Bottle Flower Bracelet

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