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Frozen Ice Flower Macrame Bracelet Tutorial

When I first spotted the Macrame School's frozen ice flower macrame bracelet tutorial, I immediately recalled the wildly popular animated movie, Frozen. There were a lot of ice crystal imagery in the movie which did look like frozen fractals!

It's a gorgeous tutorial, one which will surely tempt you to try.  Even if you are not a Frozen fan, you probably know a fan or two!

It is not difficult at all to follow.  The use of a grey cord in the design acts as a contrast color so one doesn't get confused with which cord you are using.  It also makes the design pop!

If you are not too sick of the Let It Go song, watch this incredible display of Disney's global reach. This "Behind the Mic" montage shows the song sung in 25 languages.  Pretty impressive the way the singers manage to coordinate with the lips of the animated queen no matter which language they are singing in.

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  1. Wow, the video is quite incredible much like the intricate bracelet. It is astonishing how they found singers with similar voices, tonal range and similar style

    1. Yes, the video showcases many impressive voices! One of my friends who was a music major enjoys this too!

  2. If you hadn't said it was a snowflake I would have seen something different. I still do each time I look at it. In fact it takes on different images each time.

    We had a gal selling macrame jewelry at our last Art sale. She did very well!


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