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Diagonal Chain Slave Bracelet and Ring Tutorial

Hand jewelry are such that the whole hand is adorned with a bracelet linked to a ring.  A popular way to do this is with chain.  I just loved Nicole of She's Got the Notion's diagonal take on the chain slave (panja)  bracelet and ring idea.  Her tutorial includes all the chain measurements you need to put such a design together,

This is a foundation design. Consider adding beaded wire connections. This will add color to the design if that is what you like. Making bracelet and ring chain designs is an easy beginning before tackling body chains.

Body chains are nothing new. They have existed for hundreds, if not, thousands of years.  I wrote about this lovely body chain from the 5th century. It is part of the Hoxne Hoard, a major archaeological find now in the British Museum.

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  1. Thanks to reader Liz who emailed me to say the Hoxne hoard post link needed correcting. It is now okay!

  2. I think with the right outfit that these types of jewelry would look phenomenal! I can imagine a black sheath with these accents. Oh my!

    However - you forgot to mention one piece of body jewelry Pearl - The Thigh Gap Jewelry!
    Of course on me you just wouldn't see it...



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