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Amazing Translucent Sculptured Fabric Art Jewelry by Mariko Kusumoto

Massachusetts based Mariko Kusumoto is an extraordinary metal, resin and fiber artist. Her fiber art is amazing . She transforms polyester fabric into translucent sculptured art jewelry.  The 3D shapes she designs even encase other forms. Some of her creations are clearly inspired by coral reefs and sea creatures.

The artist takes advantage of the synthetic fabric by heating it to the right temperature before forming it in just the way she wants. It took her months working with polyester, silk, wire and sterling silver to come up with her designs.

Mariko said, "My recent fabric pieces have developed with much experimentation and demonstrate an evolution from the properties of metal to something completely opposite. During the experimental process there is sometimes a breathtaking moment; I ‘catch’ those moments and develop ideas from that point. I like the softness, gentle texture, and atmospheric (e.g., translucent) quality of the fabrics I use. In all of my work there is always the insistence on skill and craftsmanship."  Absolutely awe-inspiring.  Check out what she is up to on her Facebook.

Via This is Colossal and Mobilia Gallery

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  1. Wow! Wow! Wow!

    I'm sitting here just stunned! Amazing where experimenting and an idea can take you!!

    Beautiful and compelling at the same time. You HAVE to look closely to discover all the little details and wonders inside and out.

  2. I came across this artists work and it took me a long time to figure out what the heck I was looking at. These pieces are beyond anything that I have seen before. Such innovation and creativity coupled with such attention to detail. I'm with Aims....Wow! Wow! Wow!

  3. wow, I am unable believe that they are made of polyester fabric even though I know that it is possible to heat set polyester like that. They look so strong yet so fragile...beautiful creations

  4. I can't remember the last time my jaw dropped but I will remember this moment - fantastic creations!

    1. Jaw dropping is exactly what happened to me when I first saw her designs.

  5. Breathtaking. Playful. Her work makes me smile.


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