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Making jewelry that's different is a sure fire way to stand out in the crowd. Fellow Canadian, Manon Richard makes cool glow in the dark jewelry and bookmarks for her store, Papillon9.  With well over 9000 sales to date, the unusual certainly appeals!  Manon works full time with this passion of hers.

Why glow in the dark jewelry?  She explained here, "When I was young I was scared of sleeping in the dark, I had a little light that was flashing in the wall power switch and this little light reassured me every time. I think it was the beginning of the passion of everything that glows in the dark!"

It's certainly careful painting indeed. She said, "I use the the highest quality glow in the dark material. Compared with regular sulfide photoluminescent pigments , it have 10 times higher and longer afterglow luminance and afterglow time." You do have to "charge" it by exposing the jewelry to a lamp for a few minutes before you can see the glow in the dark.  Great jewelry for Halloween!

Manon does a splendid job of photographing all her jewelry. Not an easy task given the lighting restrictions.  She is indeed all about glow in the dark - just take a look at her home studio!

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  1. I love this Glow in the Dark Jewelry!! Would love to own a piece!!

  2. I'd say not just for Halloween Pearl! I can see wearing these beautiful and exquisite pieces for a late night date or evening out to the movies even! And I certainly can imagine wearing them to go out 'dancing in the dark'!

    Beautiful work!!

    1. You are so right,Aims! Not just for Halloween. A cool conversation piece, indeed.

  3. Thank you so much all of you for the great comments, and a special thanks to Pearl Blay!!

    I am on vacation for the moment but I will be back August 15th with all new special design jewelry!!!

    Have a good summer time and hope to see you at Papillon9!


  4. I love glow in the dark anything. I don't think I've aged past teenager when it comes to this but WOW she brings it into the adult realm. Her artwork is amazing. I want to see mooooore.

  5. So amazing! I have never seen anything like it in jewelry!

  6. I Would Like To Learn/buy A Pair Of Those "Beautiful Earrings You Make". Very Creative.

    1. Kat, please contact Manon through her Etsy store (link in the post). I am sure she would love to sell you a pair!


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