There are so many different ways to integrate a wire coil into a bracelet design. This tutorial differs from the previous crystal embellished wire coil tutorial. This gold colored one has a fun informal wiring style which is easy to do. It is actually closer in looks to the the design when I tried a tutorial for an easy coiled wire and wire wrapped bangle that I wrote about a long while ago.

The solution was the  preformed 12G wire bracelets from Tierracast as well as their new You Love and Your Team collection of charms which I received for review. Saves a lot of hurting! Plus the easy to use integrated clasp makes the design look finished.

As mentioned in the previous tutorial, I used 20G wire for the coils and 26G wire for wire wrapping.  These spools shown below were courtesy of Parawire.

The first thing I did was to make test coils with scrap wire. The wire coil has to pass over the hook clasp.

You can use any convenient wire coiling tool - or even a knitting needle (see first link below).  I used my Artistic Wire tool fitted with the largest mandrel for winding the 20G wire.  As the final coil will be spaced out, I just coiled about 2 inches of wire.  Remember to leave a 2 -3 inch tail when done.  Remove the coil from the tool and straighten the starting wire.  Set aside.

I used white and red 8/0 seed beads. I threaded about a foot in alternating colors onto the 26G wire spool

Secure the wire end to the bracelet by wrapping around the bracelet.  As I am right handed, I prefer to wind with the wire end to the right.  The wire end was trimmed and the wraps were gently squeezed into place with a chain nose pliers. 

Important : leave the bracelet open i.e. with the clasp unfastened. This allows you to work from the spool.  I slipped down a bead from the prestrung collection and wrapped a couple of times around the bracelet before adding the next bead.  

Repeat.  I positioned the bead wire wrapping so the work spiraled. The reason for this will be clear in the next picture.

Once the bead and wire wrapping reaches the other end of the bracelet, reverse direction and continue to spiral backwards.  This method adds beads around the frame without too much bulk as a wire coil will be slipped over this central core. 

Once you return to the beginning, wrap a few times and then trim the wire. Tuck down the end.

Now take the wire coil and ease it slowly over the wrapped bracelet.

Spread out the coils as you do so.

Both ends of the wire coil were also wrapped around the bracelet at the clasp ends. As with the previous tutorial, it is important to make sure these final wire wraps are firmly squeezed onto the bracelet.  The wire wrapping must not interfere with hook action.  Add a charm or two and you're done!


I used natural light, my iPhone 6S with the camera+ app and the Modahaus TS320 tabletop studio. As you can see above, I used white, grey and black backgrounds.  To get the graduated grey backgrounds, I put the black sheet behind the white. The tutorial photographs were taken with the same camera using the Modahaus TS400 in my basement studio which was equipped with LED lights. Check out my How to Photograph Jewelry Webinar  - the webinars will resume in late August or September.

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